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Thank you messages to write in cards.
There are so many occasions during
a day, a week, a month that you find you have 
the need to say "Thank You" to someone 
for something. The most simple  and 
direct way is to actually say the words, "Thank you." 
For example, when someone holds a door opened for you.

However, what do you do when there's a special event or 
particular occasion that requires a more permanent "thank you" such 
as a birthday, wedding, job interview or some kindness?

Sending a written card, letter or e-mail acknowledges
the person's special  recognition and offers your specific gratitude 
for their gift or their time or whatever 
you feel deserves that extra touch of thanks.

When writing to a friend, family member or 
someone with whom you're close, choosing your words can come
easily and flow naturally , mentioning their 
gift or the specific occasion for which 
you're thanking them.

However, when writing to thank a new client 
for winning a project or the head of Human Resources 
for your most recent job interview, 
more formal guidelines are required.

------Thank you messages For Everyone----

1.) Words are powerless to express my gratitude.Thanks for everything.

2.) My gratitude to you for all you have done.Thank you.

3.) Thank you for your great support and help.

4.) Thank you for all your kindness.

5.) I humbly thank you.
Thank you messages
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